Groupe Sinox - Adi


ADI Process is a dynamic company working in the field of automation and industrial information technology for the food industry. They offer high-tech solutions by integrating the expertise of the ever-growing community of IT in the industry in ensuring the reliability and usability of the products.

ADI Process expertise in the various processes of manufacturing and transformation of the food and dairy industry allow plants to increase their productivity.

Process Control

  • Cheesemaking control (Cheese VAT, finishing tables and pressing)
  • Pasteurisateur HTST et thermiseur
  • CIP system control
  • Sterilization (UHT)
  • Alfa-Laval and Westfalia seperators
  • Ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems
  • Fermentation and pH control
  • Milk reception and storage
  • Batching systems (powders, liquids, manual ingredients)
  • Water treatment systems and bioreactors


  • Optimization of automatically controlled ingredients
  • Better control of manually weighed ingredients
  • Continuous and sampling quality control

Design and manufacturing of control panels

  • Electrical engineering
  • UL approved control panels

Data management

  • Recipe management
  • Production schedule
  • Manual data entry (tests during production, laboratory testing, packaging department)
  • Production reports
  • Consumption reports of raw materials
  • CIP reports with electronic signatures and sanitation procedures management
  • Ingredients, finished product and used equipment’s traceability