Groupe Sinox - In practice

Onboarding program

Taking the time to do things right is also important when bringing new employees onboard. The  Groupe Sinox employee onboarding program is designed to quickly put you at ease and provide basic training so you can get to know your co-workers and feel comfortable on the job. No effort is spared in welcoming you to the Sinox team. We want you to like your new workplace and we constantly strive to supervise you in a constructive way to help you reach your full potential.

Group insurance

Groupe Sinox offers a competitive group insurance program tailored to the needs of today's families. It covers certain prescription drugs and includes health insurance, life insurance for you and your dependants, AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) insurance, travel insurance, and long-term disability insurance. We also offer an external employee assistance program.

Pay policy

Sinox drew up this pay policy to clarify and standardize employees' general work conditions and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Salaries are based on four factors: increases in the consumer price index, client satisfaction, work quality (team work, technical know-how, etc.), and how well employees have met their individual goals established with their supervisors.

Social activities

Seasonal activities are organized during the year.

Year-round positions and market demands

Our company offers year-round, stable jobs with good conditions. Most shifts start at 7:30 a.m., although work schedules and the number of work hours vary, depending on the department. For example,one department offers students the opportunity to work a few hours a week. We are also aware of the importance of balancing work and personal life. For this reason, we always try to give you a job in the department that best suits your lifestyle.

Job candidate recommendation program

Our job candidate recommendation program is another way we recruit external candidates with the skills our company needs to grow. The idea is simple. Any employee who recommends an external candidate who is subsequently hired will receive a bonus. The program broadens the company's recruitment options by turning our employees into ambassadors and partners.

Professional development program to enhance cross-department skills

We offer a number of courses to upgrade skills in a variety of areas, such as English as a second language.

Active occupational health and safety committee

Groupe Sinox promotes safety at all times. We are concerned with the health, safety, and physical wellbeing of all our employees, suppliers, and clients. We believe that all have the right to a safe, healthy environment. In light of the inherent risks of our industry, we undertake to eliminate or at least reduce or control potential hazards at all times. To do this, we have drawn up and implemented policies and procedures as part of our overall prevention program. Everyone who directly or indirectly participates in our company's affairs must comply with these prevention measures. It is also essential to notify those in charge of prevention of any failure to comply with the policy, which is in effect at all times. We encourage all employees to suggest ways of improving occupational health and safety at our company.