Complete control

From process engineering to manufacturing and start-up, we are the specialist in stainless steel food processing equipment. For more than 25 years, our "solution-oriented" spirit has been at your service to meet challenges of any level of complexity. Our offer is flexible, but we are always guided by the pillars of our mission.

Our pillars


Quality and safety are at the top of our priorities. Our high-quality products optimize your processes and meet the highest standards of Canadian and international food safety and security.


Our process expertise is constantly being developed. Always at the forefront, we are committed to optimizing your productivity and profitability. We can assist you in the development of custom-made projects.


We design, manufacture and install our own production lines. Because of our fully integrated approach, our state-of-the-art equipment and the optimization of our processes, you can count on efficient solutions and fast turnaround times.

Our values

Unified strength

We are stronger as a team than alone; the team is more important than the individuals.


Everyone works for the development of the organisation.


We are always transparent in our actions and words, and we put our clients and teams members first.


We respect ourselves and each other.


To design, manufacture and integrate innovative equipment for food processing and provide customers with our expertise to help them achieve their productivity and profitability objectives.


Increase Sinox’s exposure through knowledge and committed team members.

Our team

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