Choose sinox

Working with Sinox being in constant solution mode and ahead of potential pitfalls.

High-level support

Sinox’s support team is admirable. At all times, from the beginning to the end, you are in contact with your project manager and engineers as needed. Our involvement is significantly useful for you and in perfect compliment with the multidisciplinary teams mandated.

Process control

Your profitability is part of our plan

Sinox's team is made up of experienced specialists. Our experts in mechanical engineering, food engineering and fluid mechanics understand and control the impact of food transformation processes. They model effective systems that increase the profitability of your transformation processes while achieving the highest standards of food safety and security.

Your earnings are significant

  • Capacity and productivity increases
  • Energy and water savings
  • Optimal use of human resources
  • Enhanced fine product quality giving value to your brand
  • Food security assured

Suitability for your plant

Designed specifically so that your operations perform well

We have been mastering the manufacture of stainless steel equipment for more than 25 years, completed hundreds of installations in the food sector in different contexts. At Sinox, the characteristics of your plant are initially considered. Your equipment is designed to fit perfectly to its factory environment and the performance it must deliver.

Your processes are optimal

  • Processes adapted to the food and production environment
  • Achievement of the desired productivity level
  • Optimization of the space occupied on the floor of your plant
  • Saving space to make your activities more profitable
  • Equipment adjusted and ready for installation on delivery

Local specialists

A quick and flawless start up, it's advantageous

Our high operational efficiency allows us to deliver quickly and provide you with outstanding technical support from specialists who know the project inside out. We avoid pitfalls and ensure a quick start. The management of any problems encountered is effective. All equipment is tested prior to delivery. And our experts are present at the installation site.

Risks are minimized

  • Direct contact with experts familiar with the project
  • Support at all times to reduce the complexity of the situation
  • Close collaboration and technical support until the end
  • No loss of income due to delayed start-up
  • No surprise costs during installation

Key in turn

The presence of experts from beginning to start up

If necessary, Sinox takes care of all details to make your life easier. Your project is supported by the same manager, who plays a pivotal role from start to finish. The start-up is also controlled by the same team that designed the equipment. Our approach guarantees a high level of expertise throughout the project as well as a progress rate that ensures the schedule is respected.

Your management is simplified

  • Constant progress throughout the project
  • Continued technical support from experts
  • Project overview and quick responses
  • Quick restart and replacement
  • Technical support by experts
  • Minimized direct and collateral financial costs

We can assist you in the deployment of complete systems and the manufacture of custom-made equipment.