Liquid products

high shear mixing sytems

  • These systems allow the operator to work ergonomically at the floor level.
  • For many models, a table is integrated to the system and the operator only has to put the bag of powder onto the table and pour the powder down into the hopper.



  • An SP Series self-priming pump is installed at the inlet of the system, creating a piping inlet / hopper discharge suction that will draw the hopper product into the liquid stream.
  • The mix then goes through a in-line SBH Series high shear mixer until all the powder is integrated into the tank where its drawn from.
  • Five different models are available depending on the speed of powder integration required.
  • Should the viscosity be higher than what a self-priming pump can take, this pump can be replaced by either a ZP3 Series positive displacement pump or a QTS Series twin screw pump.




  • An SBI Series in-line high shear mixer is used on the inlet of the system.
  • The mixer impeller also serves to pump the product downstream.
  • The maximum viscosity for this series is 1200 cps.




  • This system integrates powders into liquid without excess air so lumping and foaming do not occur.
  • Ideal for dairy products such as powder milk, ice cream mix, protein concentrate, starch, gums, concentrated flavors, vitamin beverages, active ingredients, etc.
  • Four models are available depending on the speed of powder integration required.




  • This unit is designed for breweries and microbreweries to induce hops, fruits, spice, coffee, vanilla, syrups, bourbon and cocoa directly into the fermenter without adding air.
  • The system allows to inject carbon dioxide (CO2) to purge the oxygen when inducing into the fermenter.
  • Three models are available depending on the quantity and speed of the product to be induced.


We can assist you in the deployment of complete systems and the manufacture of custom-made equipment.